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  • 2022

    Purchase CNC screw grinders, CNC machining centers and other special equipment in batches, and continue to upgrade the quality and output; continue to help China's high-end CNC machine tool manufacturing and precision intelligent manufacturing enterprises; look forward to surpassing and re-planning the future;
  • 2021

    The 30bar machine tool cooling pump has passed the research and development test, and has been put into the market.
  • 2020

    Join hands with famous CNC machine tool companies such as Nantong Guosheng, Zhejiang Heideman, and Rifa Precision Machinery; further establish the status of localized high-pressure machine tool cooling pumps; continue to invest in research and development of new materials and new processes, and continue to make great progress in wear-resistant hardening technology;
  • 2019

    The purchase of CNC screw grinder has completely solved the problem of screw meshing accuracy. The flow, pressure and energy consumption are continuously optimized, and the performance can be compared with German imported products; the products of the synchronous spindle center water filtration system are put on the market in batches;
  • 2018

    Hand in hand with Suzhou Neway to start strategic cooperation, leading to the cooperation of famous enterprises; hand in hand with China Aviation Development Corporation to complete the delivery of the test pump for engine valve 150℃, 44m³/h, 15MPa high temperature and high pressure aviation kerosene;
  • 2017

    All experiments on flow, pressure, noise, vibration, durability, wear resistance and simulating harsh working conditions have been completed; to lay a solid foundation for entering high-end CNC machine tools and precision intelligent manufacturing industries, and start mass production and market launch;
  • 2016

    Completed the design of the arc and rake angle screw profile, and solved the special process technology of screw hardening
  • 2015

    In traditional industries such as metallurgy, thermoelectricity, cement building materials, and papermaking, it has laid a foundation for the research and development of high-pressure machine tool cooling pumps. In cooperation with NGC, it has entered the supporting industry of rubber and plastic gearboxes, and has created a series of gearbox lubrication products. screw pump products;
  • 2014

    Continuous investment in research and development and gradual testing to completely solve the wear resistance technology of pump linings;
  • 2013

    Open the long road of research and test of hardening technology of screw pump sleeve material heat treatment process;
  • May 2012

    May 2012
    Huangshan Aiken Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established to fully invest resources to assist the product trial production and experiment of high-pressure machine tool cooling pumps, expand product application fields, and mass-produce conventional lubricating oil pumps and ignition oil pumps and other three-screw pumps and twin-screw pump products;
  • March 2011

    March 2011
    A team was formed to start the R&D and production mode, and began to develop and produce the application of low-viscosity medium and high pressure three-screw pumps and high-pressure machine tool cooling pumps; at the end of the same year, 4 sets of 600m³/h, 4.0MPa pressure crude oil three-screw pumps were delivered to Liaohe Oilfield;
  • 2009

    Set up a research and development team, and continue to study the structure and technology, materials, processes, heat treatment and hardening technology of medium and high pressure three-screw pumps and twin-screw pumps at home and abroad;
  • 2008

    Cooperated with many thermal power plants and design institutes to open the development of medium and high pressure ignition oil pumps, and laid the foundation for the development of medium and high pressure three-screw pumps; at the same time, it was found that there are almost no domestically produced high-pressure machine tool cooling pumps in China; to explore the market, determined to hereby;
  • September 2007

    September 2007
    Nanjing Aike Pump Co., Ltd. was established, with a sales and customer service model, and registered the AKBY trademark, with diesel ignition oil pumps and fuel ignition oil supply pumps as its main business products;


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