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Yangzi Petrochemical's First Asphalt Shipment Was Completely Successful


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Yangzi Petrochemical's First Asphalt Shipment Was Completely Successful

Nanjing Aike Pump Industry Co., Ltd. Department of Commerce and Sinopec News Network News On April 19th, a road asphalt ship with a full load of 1,200 tons left the Yangzi Petrochemical Terminal and left the factory smoothly. , eliminating the bottleneck of residual oil processing, expanding the scale of oil refining, and improving the efficiency of the oil segment.
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Yangzi Petrochemical's first shipment of road asphalt was delivered

Nanjing Aike Pump Industry Co., Ltd. Department of Commerce and Sinopec News Network News On April 19th, a road asphalt ship with a full load of 1,200 tons left the Yangzi Petrochemical Terminal and left the factory smoothly. , eliminating the bottleneck of residual oil processing, expanding the scale of oil refining, and improving the efficiency of the oil segment.

After sufficient technical communication, site condition investigation, and strict review by leaders at all levels of Yangzi Petrochemical, it was decided to select the steam jacketed thermal insulation three-screw pump with explosion-proof variable frequency motor control asphalt shipping pump set recommended by our company: A3LG-140/ 280-AHCKKO-BD type, the pump has the characteristics of large flow (200 cubic meters per hour), low noise, and the motor speed can be adjusted according to the oil unloading speed of the asphalt tanker on site, so as to ensure the reasonable demand for shipping and transportation. It can save energy consumption, and can meet the needs of the tank truck to run quickly. At the same time, it can ensure the uninterrupted operation of the pump set, ensure that the pump set does not run dry, and ensure the durability of the pump set's service life. Good level gauge control Equipped with a good combination of variable frequency starting devices, this mission can be carried out easily and smoothly. It has laid a solid foundation for the complete success of Yangzi Petrochemical's first asphalt shipment. So far, dozens of shipments have been carried out, the tonnage is calculated in millions, and the operation has been carried out without any failure. It has been applauded and highly recognized by leaders at all levels of Yangzi Petrochemical. At present, we are preparing to consider the application of similar screw pump products of Nanjing Aike Pump Co., Ltd. to the production process links such as decompression devices, and our company is listed as a first-class qualified supplier.

In order to ensure the smooth completion and complete success of the asphalt loading task, Nanjing Aike Pump Co., Ltd. dispatched after-sales service engineers with the most experience in on-site application and installation guidance to conduct a complete and meticulous inspection of the site, and timely troubleshoot problems, including inspection of pipelines Whether there is welding slag and foreign matter in the tank, the coaxiality of the motor and pump group, etc., until the start-up conditions are fully met, the gate valve of the inlet and outlet is opened, and then the low-speed frequency conversion starts to ensure the smooth completion of the loading task.

At present, Yangzi Petrochemical has two routes for residual oil processing: delayed coking and residual oil hydrogenation. Since the formation of the asphalt route at the end of last year, it has provided a new choice and operation mode for the optimization of enterprise resources, and completely eliminated the crude oil with insufficient residual oil processing capacity. Processing bottlenecks create the conditions. After the asphalt land vehicle transportation channel was opened in December 2015, the water transportation channel measures were planned and implemented at the same time, and the dock loading function was established, and the government license was obtained recently, and the water factory conditions were met.

Yangzi Petrochemical cooperated closely with the asphalt underwriter Sinopec Refining and Sales Branch. The senior management of the two sides have connected production and sales strategies many times, and planned the delivery direction of Yangzi Petrochemical's asphalt products. As far as possible, the dislocation of asphalt resources with the brothers operating in the early stage can be realized, so as to avoid the same door competition. To achieve a balanced distribution of resources in the market, both parties plan product flow and logistics together, and invite third parties to participate in product quality inspections to ensure that product quality complies with national standards. It has been affirmed by users and has become another backbone asphalt production enterprise under Sinopec.

In the peak season of domestic asphalt market demand, Yangzi Petrochemical's current daily output of road asphalt and highway exceeds 1,000 tons. The formation of waterway factory capacity will further expand the asphalt factory capacity and provide conditions for the full release of asphalt product production capacity, which will further optimize Yangzi Petrochemical's residual oil. Processing methods, expand the residual oil processing capacity, and create conditions for seizing the current good market conditions of petrochemical products and increasing production and efficiency.

Recently, the first batch of 10,000 tons of 70# grade A road asphalt produced by Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical has successfully left the factory, thus becoming another asphalt production base for Sinopec's high-grade road construction, joining the ranks of national asphalt suppliers, and becoming an optimized refinery processing unit of Yangzi Petrochemical. The route provides a new way to reduce the production of low-value petroleum coke and increase the economic added value of the product.

In recent years, a large amount of investment in domestic infrastructure construction, especially the construction of high-grade highways, has formed a large demand for road asphalt. According to the current market conditions, the price of ton of asphalt is more than 1,000 yuan per ton of petroleum coke, which has higher economic added value. Based on the annual output of 400,000 tons of asphalt, it can increase sales by more than 400 million yuan and generate economic benefits of more than 10 million yuan.

Yangzi Petrochemical regards optimizing the product structure of the refining unit as an important way to improve the profitability of the refining segment, and decides to use the potential of the new 8 million tons/year atmospheric and vacuum unit to produce road asphalt, and has successfully completed three projects of 50#, 70# and 90#. After the trial production of the brand, after authoritative testing, all the main economic and technical indicators have reached the standard requirements.

Sinopec Refining and Sales Branch, which is responsible for product sales, cooperates and coordinates closely with Yangzi Petrochemical, and has many counterpart exchanges on asphalt product grades, demand potential, market distribution, storage and transportation methods, and market trends. and other relevant agreements, and optimized the allocation of market resources, and quickly implemented product orders, ensuring the smooth delivery of the first batch of asphalt and opening up the delivery channel of Yangzi Petrochemical asphalt. Yangzi Petrochemical will become a new production base of Sinopec's "Donghai brand" asphalt.

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