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A3MG series ignition fuel supply pump


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A3MG series ignition fuel supply pump

Aiken screw pump A3MG series three-screw pump is a three-axial flow single-channel self-priming medium-pressure quantitative positive displacement pump, which is suitable for conveying non-wearing and non-corrosive, low-viscosity and high-viscosity, low-lubricity and good-lubricity media.
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A3MG series
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1. Product overview:

Aiken screw pump A3MG series three-screw pump is a three-axial flow single-channel self-priming medium-pressure quantitative positive displacement pump, suitable for conveying non-wearing and non-corrosive, low-viscosity and high-viscosity and low-lubricity and good lubricity media . For handling lubricating fluids. The fluid being pumped must not contain any abrasive substances or chemically corrode the materials of the pump components.


2. Advantages:

1. High efficiency → low operating cost

2. Modular design of universal interchangeable pump core components and parts (MF/MG) → easy maintenance

3. Axial force balance of screw rotor (patented technology of driven screw high pressure oil lead oil balance) → the main rod bearing does not bear the axial force, and the slave rod is hydraulically balanced

4. Only one shaft seal → easy maintenance and low cost

5. Wide applicability of magnetic drive version with no seal and no leakage design

6. Availability of semi-submersible suspension and long-arm designs → customized diving depth, to solve the working condition that the self-priming capacity of the pump exceeds the atmospheric pressure

7. Patented design of five-shaft sleeve positioning support, strong ability to resist cavitation and gas explosion → low noise and small vibration

8. A variety of bearing lubrication schemes → it is possible to transport low-viscosity or high-temperature media

9. Dislocation design of inlet and outlet → make the flow in the pump chamber smoother

10. Wide applicability of magnetic drive sealless and leak-free design version

11. Availability of semi-submersible suspension and long-arm designs → customized diving depth, which solves the working condition that the self-priming capacity of the pump exceeds the atmospheric pressure

12. The design of jacket insulation → solves the problem of high temperature conveying medium

13. A variety of oil inlet and outlet arrangements → meet various on-site installation conditions

14. The most diverse installation methods are available → horizontal vertical flange hanging type various schemes


3. Product use function:

A3MG series three-screw pumps are commonly used in ignition oil supply pumps in power plants, sealed oil pumps, control oil pumps, ignition oil supply pumps, booster fuel injection pumps for boiler burners, and aromatic oil pumps and booster oil pumps in tire rubber and plastic factories. Such as:
1. Oil supply, transportation, replenishment, feeding, pressurization, injection, atomization and ignition oil pump of diesel heavy oil fuel oil pump
; Oil pump, lubricating oil pump, circulating oil pump, cooling oil pump, sealing oil pump, booster oil pump and remote control hydraulic motor and hydraulic test, cooling and lubrication of bearing and bearing bush of medium and large gear box, pipeline flushing oil pump, hydraulic cylinder drive, stage lifting;
3. In In the petrochemical industry, it is used for transportation and backfilling, loading and unloading vehicles, oil pumping, shipping, supply, liquid supply pump and large-flow long-distance crude oil gathering and transportation pressurization, etc.; , Cargo oil, metering, mooring brake control, steering gear steering drive pump and other hydraulic oil pumps, as well as fuel supply pumps and injection pumps for marine boiler low-sulfur fuel;
5. And almost all industrial oil pumping applications.


4. the scope of application:

Main application areas:

  1. Fuel Oil Combustion and Energy Engineering:

For the treatment of light diesel oil, heavy oil, fuel oil as well as residual and waste oil such as fuel oil, transfer, supply, pressurization, refueling, loop ducts, burner operation and fuel injection pumps (gas turbines).

  1. Hydraulic:

Used for pressurizing or pumping hydraulic oil or hydraulic lubricating liquid based on mineral oil; such as elevator hydraulic pump, lifting platform hydraulic pump, push centrifuge, hydraulic press, forging hammer, baler, particle board machine, windlass winch system Dynamically control oil pump, elevator, variable pitch propeller and steering gear steering adjustment device to drive oil pump, hatch hydraulics, rolling mill and machine tool hydraulics, etc.

  1. General Industrial Engineering / Machinery / Heavy Machinery Industry:

For handling lubricating, cooling, coolant, sealing, regulating and hydraulic oils, light and heavy fuel oils, diesel, fuel and thermal oils (cold), e.g. steam, gas and water turbines as seals, regulating oils and top oil pumps, compressors As sealing and cooling oil pumps, cooling oil and fuel pumps for diesel engines, hydraulic pumps in rolling mills, etc.

  1. Ship and marine engineering:

For processing lubricating oils, cooling and hydraulic oils, light and heavy fuel oils, crude oils and fuels.

  1. Machine tool industry:

For processing cutting oils, grinding oils, deep hole drilling oils, oil-in-water emulsions and hydraulic oils.

  1. Oil depot tank area:

For handling all lubricating fluids such as greases, oils, paints, fuels, polyols, isocyanates; e.g. as a loading and unloading pump.

  1. Printing Industry:

For processing gravure inks.

  1. Chemical and petrochemical and process industries:

For handling all lubricating fluids such as oils (including crude oil), greases, paints, lacquers, greases, pastes, fracturing fluids, squeegees, polyols, isocyanates, tars, bitumen, glycerin, glues, adhesives, Resin, paraffin, wax, water glass, and pipeline pumps.

  1. Paint / Lacquer Industry:

For handling conveying and pressurization of paints, lacquers, resins, varnishes and linseed oils.

  1. Washing / Detergent Industry:

For processing oils, greases, soaps and additives.

  1. Paper/Pulp Industry

For processing viscose and pulp.

  1. food industry:

For processing molasses, glucose, syrup and vegetable oils such as soybean oil, castor oil, rapeseed oil, crude oil delivery.

  1. Tire rubber and plastics industry:

Used for pressurized delivery of aromatic oil, boiler fuel system and diesel ignition fuel supply pump


5.typical representative model meaning interpretation:














Parts of the model are provided here, for more information, please consult AKP.


6. material configuration:

Part name

Material Material Code Name




Tin-phosphor bronze, copper-aluminum composite

pump body

QT450, cast steel, welding

front cover

HT200, QT450

Bearing housing

HT200, QT450


7.technical data and performance parameters:




Up to



inlet pressure

Inlet pressure


Up to



Outlet pressure

Working Pressure


Up to



Differential pressure drop

Differential pressure


Up to



medium viscosity



Up to



medium temperature

Fluid Temperature


Up to



Rotating speed



Up to



Required NPSH



Up to






Up to



* Self-priming capacity and efficiency vary according to different working conditions. The data here is for selection reference. If you have any questions, please consult AKP.


8. Keywords:

Oil supply pump, ignition oil pump, transfer pump, cooling pump, sealing oil pump, control oil pump, starting oil pump, jacking oil pump, booster oil pump, fuel injection pump, feeding pump, reverse filling pump, loading and unloading pump, oil pumping pump, delivery oil pump, supply Oil pump, connection oil pump, transfer oil pump, stripping pump, cargo oil pump, metering pump, pipeline flushing oil pump, hydraulic cylinder driven oil pump, brake pump, stage lift oil pump, long-distance gathering and transportation booster pump, etc.

We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table

Progressive screw pump and fluid transfer skids to support a variety of critical applications in all types of power plants: cogeneration, combined cycle, gas turbines, steam turbines, stationary diesel generators, solar power, waste-to-energy, straw biomass Power generation and hydropower stations, wind farms, etc. Thanks to our standardized solutions and customized solutions, we can provide many types of fluid delivery systems for power plant applications: ignition oil pumps, oil supply pumps, oil unloading pump sets and the design of skid-mounted systems.

On September 24th, our company received a contract order from China Water Resources and Hydropower Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., requiring the purchase of 2 sets of A3MG-055/110-AHOKRA-G-A ignition oil pump set including motor complete sets of equipment. The delivery time is 3 days. The equipment needs to be shipped directly to Indonesia after entering the warehouse from Shanghai Port before 12:00 noon on the 28th. In the face of difficulties such as short delivery time, tight procurement time for some supporting parts, and heavy production tasks, the company's technology, production, procurement, logistics and other departments must ensure the delivery time according to General Manager Wang Xiaoguang, and go all out to protect China Power Construction Corporation. Requirements for the construction progress of the "One Belt, One Road" national strategic foreign engineering project under construction

15MW DPC PALAWAN THERMAL POWER PLANT project in the Philippines 75t/h sub-high temperature sub-high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler ignition oil pump system; the main contents of this supply include ignition oil pump explosion-proof motor unit, unloading pump explosion-proof motor unit, basket filter (DN65 -20 mesh), and other supporting accessories.

The domestic waste incineration power generation project in Leiyang City, the total waste treatment scale of this project is an annual treatment of 438,000 tons of domestic waste and a daily treatment of 1,200t of domestic waste. Condensing steam turbine generator set.

A3LG-045/090-AHOKIA-GA is supplied to the cement kiln co-processing integrated solid waste and waste heat power generation cycle industry project.

In the project of harmless treatment and resource utilization of domestic waste in Suning County, a 10MW medium-temperature sub-high pressure extraction-condensing steam turbine generator set is installed in this phase of the project.

The main supply contents of the Guiyang Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project this time include ignition oil pump explosion-proof motor unit, oil pump filter (DN80-60 mesh), oil tank filter (DN100-60 mesh), mechanical seal spare parts and other supporting accessories.


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