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AKP Aiken Machinery invites you to visit the 2022 DMP Shenzhen Industrial Expo for guidance!
The 2022 ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology & Equipment Exhibition and Alibaba 1688 Industrial Procurement Festival (ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition) opened at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an) on August 15. This exhibition continues the platform value of high-quality industrial innovation achievements display and upstream and downstream connection of the industrial chain, with "high-end machine tools and equipment x automation technology application x precision parts processing" as the core exhibition content. Six special exhibitions, vertically covering "metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, robots and automation equipment, industrial parts, electronic intelligent manufacturing, cable industry", 1,085 brand enterprises reappeared, to inject new vitality and add new vitality to the manufacturing industry looking forward to the reunion. The complete success of this exhibition is inseparable from your attention and support. Thank you for your visit and guidance, and thank the front and behind the scenes staff for their hard work and support. Although the exhibition is over, we never stop, do not forget the original intention, and forge ahead! Looking forward to our next meeting!
The invitation AKP Aiken will attend the 2022 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition. We will show A3MT series high pressure machine tool cooling pump, A3SS series spindle center outlet system and other products at the exhibition. We are looking forward to your visit! Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center Time: 2022.8.15-8.18 Booth No. : 5U55   Display content AKP Aiken, the exhibits on display at ITES Shenzhen are: 1. A3MT-E high pressure machine tool cooling pump 2. A3MT-D high pressure machine tool cooling pump 3. A3SS-XT2 spindle center water outlet system 4. A3SS-XT4 spindle center water outlet system 5. A3MT-D6 high pressure machine tool cooling pump vertical skid block The exhibits are introduced 1. A3MT-E high pressure machine tool cooling pump and A3MT-D high pressure machine tool cooling pump AKP Aiken, high pressure machine cooling pump is ideal for high pressure conveying cooling liquid, cooling oil, grinding fluid, grinding oil cooling lubricant such as a high precision three screw pump products, widely used in nc machining center and nc drilling and milling planer machine crankshaft grinding machine, grinding machine, auto and auto parts batch manufacture special machine tools, etc. But when there are special wear particles in the pumping medium, there is a risk of premature wear and performance failure, manifested as insufficient flow, insufficient pressure, noise and vibration increase. AKP Aiken, in its A3MT series machine tool cooling pump screw pair all adopt a unique hardened hard material coating, with improved ceramic hardened wear-resistant lining, thus greatly prolonging the service life of AKP Aiken high pressure machine tool cooling pump. Considering the particularly harsh working conditions and applications, for example, in the gear grinder and crankshaft grinder applications with corundum or CBN grinding or processing into a batch of castings or cast steel and other forging castings, premature pump wear and failure may still occur. Necessary fine filtration design and filtration precision configuration are the basic guarantee of pump life cycle and the basic conditions for the normal operation of AKP Aiken high pressure machine tool cooling pump.   2. A3SS-XT2 open central outlet water system Nc machine tools and auto parts and other high-end manufacturing want to get a better product quality and excellent equipment utilization rate and reduce the loss of the cutting tool, the spindle center of high pressure water unit can test your goals and requirements of energy saving and consumption reducing, Aiken A3SS system mainly equipped with A3MT series high pressure screw pump, pressure of up to 150 kg, flow can reach 800 l/min. The main configuration and backwash bag filter, the filtering accuracy can reach 5-25 microns, can prolong the working life of the screw pump, equipped with the Wannan motor to make the performance of the screw pump to play.   3. A3SS-XT4 man-machine interactive central water outlet system The touch screen interface controls the operation of the whole system, signal feedback, intuitive view of the liquid level height, high pressure pump operation, low pressure pump operation, filter operation and so on. Before starting the machine, the user can set 8 sections of pressure value by themselves, and the required pressure can be selected according to the tool size in the work. After setting the working pressure value, the system will automatically adjust the water flow and pressure according to the size of the tool, so as to stabilize the set pressure value. During debugging, the whole system can be switched to manual mode, in which high-pressure pump, lifting pump and backwash filter can be controlled separately. When a fault occurs, the fault code will pop up on the main page. Click the fault code to enter the fault viewing page. The operator can solve the current fault according to the fault code prompt, such as water shortage in the water tank; Too high water temperature; Lift pump fault, such as internal fault engineers can directly check the PLC I/O point running status, in order to analyze the cause of the fault.   4. A3MT-D6 series high pressure machine tool cooling pump vertical skid block Can be flexible according to the actual working condition and function, choose suitable parts to save unnecessary costs, purchase can provide the design version and design code, each parts supply combination has a specific serial number, strong traceability; If the following parts are not available or need to be replaced, timely communicate with the business manager  
AKP Aiken Machinery will attend the 2022 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition. We will display A3MT series high pressure machine tool cooling pump, A3SS series spindle center water outlet system and other products at the exhibition. We look forward to your visit!
On December 13, 2021, the 4-day DME Dongguan International Machine Tool Exhibition 2021 came to an end. More than 1,500 brand exhibitors participated in this exhibition, and more than 200 popular mechanical equipment attracted 60,000 professional visitors from all over the country. Aiken Machinery appeared in Hall 3-3E38.
Approved by the CPC Huangshan City Huizhou District and Xixi South Town Committee, on September 8, 2021, the CPC Huangshan Aiken Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. branch committee was formally established.     
On July 1, 2020, the China Machinery Exhibition came as scheduled at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, Aiken also arrived as scheduled with the brand-new A3SS-XT1 central water outlet system.
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