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CNC double-head lathe 70bar chip breaking project


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CNC double-head lathe 70bar chip breaking project

The CNC double-head lathe 70bar chip breaking project successfully broke chips and purchased a set of equipment to support the CNC double-head lathe.
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Project name: CNC double-head lathe 70bar chip breaking project

Supporting machine tools

CNC double head lathe

processing parts


Processing material

45 # steel

Processing technology

Machining external and boring internal holes

required pressure


required flow


Tool diameter

2 φ1mm

Number of tools


conveying medium

cutting fluid

Spindle center water outlet system series

A3SS-XT2 Open System




1 set


On July 24 , 2019 , a CNC Technology Co., Ltd. in Nanjing contacted our company to inquire about the 70 bar chip breaking system . When our sales communicated with him, we learned that it was the first time to purchase such products and was worried about purchasing our A3SS spindle center water outlet system . If the chip breaking effect is not good , I want to use one pump for two knives to work at the same time through one pump.

After the first communication between our sales manager Hu and a certain manager Wang in Nanjing, he gave feedback to the leaders in time and made an appointment with the customer to visit the door. Our general manager Wang and sales manager Hu went to the customer site on July 28 , 2019 to understand the customer site situation. He also introduced our products and their advantages and features to customers; on the same day, he also had a specific technical exchange with the chief technical engineer of a CNC manufacturer in Nanjing.

After the sales manager Hu of our company returned, he immediately issued a quotation plan for the spindle center water outlet system of a CNC double-head lathe in Nanjing, and the corresponding technical plan was issued by Mr. Liu of the technical department. After 15 days of technical plan discussion And confirmed, signed a use contract with a CNC in Nanjing on August 14 , 2019 .

On September 27 , 2019 , the A3SS series spindle center water outlet system arrived at the customer's site. Our general manager Wang, technical department Liu and sales manager Hu went to the customer's site to guide the pre-startup. They participated in the first start-up debugging on that day and informed the customer. Precautions during operation.

On October 16 , 2019 , our sales manager Hu followed up the customer's on-site situation. The customer informed that the equipment was still waiting for the customer to arrive at the factory for acceptance. The recent test was excellent, cutting 0.2 mm , and the chip breaking effect was excellent; the customer provided For the video of the on-site test, our sales team communicates with the technology about the situation in the video at the first time and gives feedback to the customer in time.

On November 6 , 2019 , a Nanjing CNC Technology Co., Ltd. informed the buyer that the customer had arrived at the factory for acceptance . After communicating with the technology, we learned that the prototype tested on the site can meet the needs of the customer on the spot. A CNC in Nanjing signed a formal sales contract with our company.

On March 8 , 2022 , a contract was signed with our company again, and our company was required to supply according to the original plan .



Physical map of the product before delivery in 2019 :


High pressure machine tool cooling pump
Spindle center water outlet system
Twin screw pump
Three screw pump
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